T + K {wedding photography} Whidbey Island, Washington

There are times when you just have to say yes. This is the one and only wedding I made an exception for (to photograph during the school year), and I am so happy I did. Kelly is the sister of one of the teacher’s I work with. I had never met her or Terry before the day of the wedding, but the moment I met them I knew they would be a fun couple. They lucked out with the weather, and this October wedding was picture perfect. Best wishes to the two of you, what a great start to a lifetime of memories together!

kelly_terry 0002.jpg

kelly_terry 0004.jpg

kelly_terry 0010.jpg

kelly_terry 0020.jpg

kelly_terry 0037.jpg

kelly_terry 0039.jpg

kelly_terry 0043.jpg

kelly_terry 0045.jpg

kelly_terry 0050.jpg

kelly_terry 0063.jpg

kelly_terry 0068.jpg

kelly_terry 0072.jpg

kelly_terry 0075.jpg

kelly_terry 0085.jpg

kelly_terry 0088.jpg

kelly_terry 0092.jpg

kelly_terry 0104.jpg

kelly_terry 0128.jpg

kelly_terry 0136.jpg

kelly_terry 0142.jpg

kelly_terry 0144.jpg

kelly_terry 0149.jpg

kelly_terry 0162.jpg

kelly_terry 0169.jpg

kelly_terry 0175.jpg

kelly_terry 0193.jpg

kelly_terry 0203.jpg

kelly_terry 0210.jpg

kelly_terry 0219.jpg

kelly_terry 0230.jpg

kelly_terry 0247.jpg

kelly_terry 0263.jpg

kelly_terry 0288.jpg

kelly_terry 0294.jpg

kelly_terry 0305.jpg

kelly_terry 0306.jpg

kelly_terry 0316.jpg

kelly_terry 0331.jpg

kelly_terry 0341.jpg

kelly_terry 0347.jpg

kelly_terry 0354.jpg

kelly_terry 0358.jpg

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kelly_terry 0364.jpg

kelly_terry 0366.jpg

kelly_terry 0369.jpg

kelly_terry 0401.jpg

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kelly_terry 0432.jpg

kelly_terry 0444.jpg

kelly_terry 0445.jpg

kelly_terry 0450.jpg

kelly_terry 0451.jpg

kelly_terry 0458.jpg

kelly_terry 0463.jpg

kelly_terry 0467.jpg

kelly_terry 0485.jpg

kelly_terry 0492.jpg

kelly_terry 0508.jpg

kelly_terry 0513.jpg

kelly_terry 0515.jpg

kelly_terry 0527.jpg

kelly_terry 0537.jpg

kelly_terry 0544.jpg

kelly_terry 0552.jpg

kelly_terry 0562.jpg

kelly_terry 0591.jpg

kelly_terry 0609.jpg

kelly_terry 0611.jpg

kelly_terry 0622.jpg

kelly_terry 0624.jpg

kelly_terry 0632.jpg

kelly_terry 0636.jpg

kelly_terry 0643.jpg

kelly_terry 0659.jpg

kelly_terry 0685.jpg

kelly_terry 0691.jpg

kelly_terry 0705.jpg

kelly_terry 0710.jpg

kelly_terry 0715.jpg

kelly_terry 0724.jpg

kelly_terry 0741.jpg

kelly_terry 0754.jpg

kelly_terry 0756.jpg

kelly_terry 0760.jpg

kelly_terry 0763.jpg

kelly_terry 0766.jpg

kelly_terry 0775.jpg

kelly_terry 0797.jpg

kelly_terry 0827.jpg

kelly_terry 0884.jpg

kelly_terry 0893.jpg

kelly_terry 0922.jpg

kelly_terry 0933.jpg

kelly_terry 0944.jpg

kelly_terry 0967.jpg

kelly_terry 0981.jpg

kelly_terry 0983.jpg

kelly_terry 1011.jpg

kelly_terry 1017.jpg

kelly_terry 1019.jpg

kelly_terry 1026.jpg

kelly_terry 1050.jpg

kelly_terry 1053.jpg

kelly_terry 1065.jpg

kelly_terry 1070.jpg

kelly_terry 1077.jpg

kelly_terry 1094.jpg

Crocket Barn, Coupeville, WA


Wedding Planner: Kelly Russo  http://www.whidbeyislandwedding.com/Home.html

Serendipity Catering: Connor Tassof  http://www.serendipitytogo.com/


for more information on services send an email to info@medcalfphotography.net
to view a full portfolio go to www.medcalfphotography.net

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K + C {wedding photography} Skagit Valley, Washington

It isn’t everyday that you come across a couple that love each other in the mature way that you can see from Christen and Kai. That being said, these two and their friends and family know how to have a good time together. There is nothing more exciting for a photographer than a large group of people who love to laugh and smile. This wedding was a pleasure to capture from start to finish. These two thought of everything, right down to the custom sunglasses for all of their guests and the cardboard cut outs of themselves so that guests could have their photos taken with the bride and groom (there is more to the story of the cutouts though!) The wedding cake was hands down the best wedding cake I have ever tasted…and I have had more than my fair share of wedding desserts.

christen_kai_wedding 0002.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0006.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0007.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0012.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0028.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0043.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0052.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0059.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0069.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0071.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0077.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0080.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0082.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0109.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0126.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0128.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0132.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0140.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0159.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0166.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0175.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0185.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0191.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0203.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0206.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0211.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0217.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0222.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0228.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0235.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0253.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0262.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0264.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0269.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0272.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0293.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0312.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0328.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0339.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0343.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0358.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0368.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0382.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0411.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0428.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0433.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0456.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0468.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0483.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0490.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0499.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0506.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0544.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0552.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0589.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0622.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0628.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0654.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0658.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0677.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0694.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0729.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0736.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0773.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0778.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0795.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0809.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0829.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0851.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0863.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0889.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0900.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0936.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0984.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 0989.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1000.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1021.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1053.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1063.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1074.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1088.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1094.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1096.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1105.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1110.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1126.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1137.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1143.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1188.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1210.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1212.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1235.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1240.jpg

christen_kai_wedding 1253.jpg

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K + T Wedding {One Frame} Whidbey, Island

kelly_terry 0628.jpg

for more information on services send an email to info@medcalfphotography.net
to view a full portfolio go to www.medcalfphotography.net

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Senior Portraits with Isaac {Class of 2016} Bellingham, Washington

For some reason this year I was lucky enough to have a bunch of senior boys graduating and in need of senior portraits. It was a pleasure to work with Isaac again. His family has been a client already for family portraits, so when his mom contacted me asking me to take him on as a senior client (and bribing me with fresh Alaskan fish) I just couldn’t say no.

mann_classof2016 0005.jpg
mann_classof2016 0007.jpg
mann_classof2016 0013.jpg
mann_classof2016 0019.jpg
mann_classof2016 0021.jpg
mann_classof2016 0029.jpg
mann_classof2016 0031.jpg
mann_classof2016 0040.jpg
mann_classof2016 0049.jpg
mann_classof2016 0053.jpg
mann_classof2016 0058.jpg
mann_classof2016 0062.jpg

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The unfortunate things that happen when you go back to teaching math full time…

Sad to see that this is the first post on my blog.  There should be many many beautiful photography posts for you to see here…trouble is that my blog decided to go a little crazy on me and delete all of my posts (insert sad face here).  I thought that I was doing what I needed to do to backup on WordPress in order to not lose all of my previous posts, but apparently I was wrong.  I will start trying to post some of the newer weddings and sessions as soon as I have a bit of time off from teaching math full time!  For now, feel free to call or email me if you would like to see complete galleries of work.  Never hire a wedding photographer without asking to see a full wedding.  Always keep in mind that what you see on the website is a collection of our favorite photos, when hiring for a wedding you need to see how the photographer is able to capture an entire day, not just one lucky moment.

for more information on services send an email to info@medcalfphotography.net
to view a full portfolio go to www.medcalfphotography.net

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